Saturday, 2 June 2012

Roll out the barrel week (Birthday and Jubilee days 1 and 2)

Eeeeee Johnny, as Johhny Briggs' mum used to say, this week has been a difficult one! I have a borderline thyroid problem which at certain times of the month (ahem) turns me into more of a nutcase than I usually am. I'm even more bad tempered, moany and shouty at the children and tend to feel pretty damn exhausted by about 8am most days. This week has been one of those weeks. Which was great as it was my birthday on Thursday. Thursday was the climax of my troubles for the week. I did get woken up by a beautiful rendition of happy birthday and a cake and some fabbo presents from the husband thusly:
To Kill a Mokingbird: Harper Lee
I capture the castle: Dodie Smith
Jamaica Inn: Daphne de Maurier
World without end: Ken Follet
All sewn up: Chloe Owens
Made by me voucher (I'm opting for the crochet granny square course!!)
and this...
nice eh. Tea tastes really nice in it too.

Despite these goodies, I did feel very down and one of my wonderful friends spotted this at a children's birthday party so she drove all the way across the borough and dropped my presents off and it warmed my cockles. It was a wonderful wire hen to store my eggs in (not my eggs obviously, that would be gross. Plus they aren't solid so I imagine the wire structure would not hold them). I do have some of the most wonderful friends you know. As I also discovered when I heard my name being called over the garden fence and my neighbour gave me their presents and bucked my spirits up even more with a lovely neighbourly chat. I was a bit shy opening it in front of her but I soon ran back out in excitement...

I'd seen the blog for this book and heard about the project so was bowled over that she had got me this as it shows what lovely friends I have that they buy the perfect presents. The projects in this book are so beautiful, I can't wait to start making from it and plan to make my bestie neighbour lots of things from it so she is soon fed up! I love my neighbours.

I also got a rather spiffing sewing box from one of my bestie bestie friends and had a lovely tea and cake sesh the day before with her gorgeous cup and saucer collection...

I drool over the art deco blue set. Literally, so one day she will find a puddle in the cup and just give it to me out of disgust. She asked me to give her a pseudonym (i think she is on the run) so I shall call her Sue, she'll like that...won't you Sue?!

I'm a very lucky girl who, no matter how poorly I feel, I have the most wonderful friends in the world. That old saying - you can judge a man by his friends...well if I was a man I would be thought of very highly, but alas I'm just a weak and feeble woman with a hormone imbalance. continue the barrel rolling, on Friday mum, the girl and the boy took part in the school's jubilee fayre after school. It was very good. I wore a union jack plastic bowler hat - what more can you want? Well you could want one of these beauties...

The boy had to dress up so went as one of the Queen's guards but as I thought he may get hot, I quickly ran this up before school.
Its little wonder I feel tired all the time!

The husband and I went out for dinner at Zizzi's and went to see Johnny Depp's new film Dark Shadows. I'm a HUGE Tim Burton/Depp fan so this was right up my street. Weird in a Burton way and excellently played by Johnny. He really is a genius. Someone told me recently that he reeks of coffee and fags, this would not bother me, it only adds to his allure. It was lovely being out with the husband. I can't remember the last time we had a "date". I do like him quite a bit really.

On Saturday, the barrel had another roll out. We won tickets for Sainsbury's family jubilee festival at Hyde Park It looked like we weren't going to go as the boy was mega playing up and when we left the house the girl fell over straight away and cut open her knee yet again and blood went EVERYWHERE!! She was so exhausted by it that she had to have an hours nap and we were all pretty tired and grumpy but decided to go for it and aren't I glad we did. We got there about 3.30 and after catching a glimpse of cavalry horses doing horsey things we tucked into our picnic which included...

for the purposes of...
Mary Berry's scones pretty damn perfect if I do say so myself and very fitting for a patriotic afternoon.

We then watched the day's grand finale - the Disney spectacular which was well...spectacular. Very jazz handy Broadway types sang the big numbers from the most popular films and then the cast of the Lion King musical performed for about 15 minutes which was pretty amazing. It was such a joy to watch the girl and boy dance and sway to the music.I was a bit disappointed the event didn't finish with God Save the Queen, but I did feel a little teary. I always get like that at public events. Especially if clapping along to music is involved. We only bought two coffees so had a great free day out. If you get the chance to win tickets for next years event (they usually do a family festival in Clapham Common) go for it.

I'm pretty tired now in that had a lovely day out kind of way and there are still three more jubbly jubilee days left WHOOP WHOOP! I'm off to NOT eat more scones before bed.

Night night and will bore you with more of my weekend antics later


  1. I think there must have been something in the water at Willowfield... both Sam and Christy have thyroid problems... I love your blog, so newsy, it just 'flows' better than mine, I've been conned into it by Sam to write up my 'stories'

  2. Happy belated birthday Siany : )
    Did you know an Everything Oz book is coming out next?! x

  3. Sue!!! Any other name and it had to be Sue, didn't it? Which one am I though??? xxx