Thursday, 5 July 2012

A little local surjourn

I'm a homely type (note the making of quilts, blinds, cushions, cake etc) and am not too spontaneous but sometimes I like to throw caution to the wind and jump in puddles.

 We are very lucky to live three minutes walk to our local park which has won Green Flag awards for cleanliness. The Friends of the park do a really good job keeping the park tidy and safe and also putting on events including an excellent Halloween afternoon every year and carols round the teeny tiny Christmas Tree in the pitch black. The Girl and I spent a lovely half hour on the wet Wednesday this week splashing, jumping, bounding (do you bound? Try it. Please. People shy away from you but it makes you feel bubbly inside), leaping, and in The Girl's case, sitting in puddles.

The teenage skate bit of the park is a prime puddle location. We wouldn't dream of going anywhere near it when the teenagers are there. They have strange haircuts. Wear odd 1980s clothing - I saw a boy with a pair of pumps on that were exactly like the ones of my Smash Hits '88 record the other day.
I dreamt of having the shoes with the watch on. It was a good record. I digress...

The skate park allows the kids to loll about away from street corners and allows them to graffiti on there own bit of turf. I think the ramps get painted over regularly so that new "tags" can be added. I liked this space one a lot.
This one however I didn't like. What does it mean. Is it a yoof joke? I didn't like it mainly on the misuse of the apostrophe. I'm a stickler for correct signage. It is not a good tag...this next one though is possibly the best one ever...
The cad that has this as their tag is a genius.

Nature an' that. Its great aint it.

Keep out!


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