Thursday, 5 July 2012

view from under the wood

In my first view I gave you a wonderful impression of my idyllic neighbourhood. I think you'll find I described the trees brimming with native English fruit with cast iron fences round them. I teased you with tales of how quiet the street is as there is never ever any traffic. I made you envious describing how every resident eats off the pavement as its so clean and while I was at it the street is also paved with gold....

Oh didn't I?

Sorry I was mistaken and forgot I had sent a daily mail rant to the council about the glass, litter, muck and dangerous pavements.

Well my moaning paid off as the pavement is being replaced as we speak (I started this post on Monday, I'm either lazy or busy)

I was a little put out though as they said they had saw no problem with litter from Tesco or that Tesco blocks up the pavement so I sent them these puppies.

and said I'll gladly send them photographic evidence every time it happens (everyday). I clearly need a job. The council weren't happy and are going to 'ave a go at them innit. When they will do this I don't know as the inspector said he'd call me and that was Tuesday. I suspect I'll call him and complain he hasn't called me!


The council's policy is to sweep side roads every 15 working days and main roads every 10. This is fine if you like stepping in dog poo as soon as you leave the house. After my complaint about the glass etc they sent a team of about four to sweep the road. I couldn't believe my eyes. But a few hours after the road got swept this week

Tesco go and litter again! So that's another two weeks before it gets swept or another few hours before it gets blown down the street.

It goes to show that a little bit of campaigning and complaining gets things done. Ok so I'm annoying myself with this shifting of the curtains type of whinging but nobody fell over on to the glass as I got it swept and the pavement has been made safe and hopefully Tesco will be forced to literally clean up their act. Well done Havering Council for listening.

Hopefully the view is going to get better. What's the going rate to give a house to a field?

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  1. Well done you for keeping on at the council and Tesco's... keep it up xxx