Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hello world (or. in reality, my actual friends and not the imagined hordes that will naturally flood to read my blog) its me! This being my first post on my blog I'm a little unsure what to write about so I guess I ought to tell you a bit about myself. If you already know me you might learn something new and if you are one of the imagined horde, take this as a confused and baffling insight into a slighly unhinged mind and then quickly click on to something else.

My name is Sian (I have a circumflex/ upside downy v/ hat over the a in my name but can't do it on this platform) I live somewhere in East London/Essex which has its good and bad points. I'm almost 31. I have two absolutely delicious children, a boy 5 and a girl 2. They are the be all and end all but I'm not gushy about them in public. I'm very happily married and am lucky enough to have the disgusting job title of "stay at home mum"...more on this later. I also have the best cat in the world Rosie...more on her later too!

To keep "sane" I have been trying out various crafts to see if one sticks - none have yet. I fear I shall be jack of all of them and master of none. I'm too slap dash you see. However, I really love a bit of wonky embroidery, bunting, cushion and applique. You lucky people will (yes I will make you come back with the lure of my wit and charm) watch me making hilarious attempts to learn new skills such as crochet, and quilting and if it turns out ok (don't look too closely at any of it) then I may well tell you how I did it.

I LOVE reading and like to think of myself as an intellectual...I've trying to go through those sorts of novels lists say are the must reads. Last year I battled my way through many of them, realising of course that I was not the intellectual I thought I was. But I will try and amaze and dazzle you with talk of a novel I have finished, I may wear a cravat while I type too. I'm a history buff too, and get quite excited about castles and museums so watch out for more edge-of-your seat action on that front. Woooaahh! I can tell I've got your attention now!!!

I will also talk endlessly about food. This is something you will have to accept. I have an addiction to it.

Mainly this blog is a altruistic gift to the world. Of course it is. But aside from that, its mainly an attempt for me to find out who I am after 5 years of being the new me, Mummy. Its a good way for me to journal my life and I suppose give it a bit of organisation as I never remember things anymore. I've been reading a hell of a lot of blogs of late and actually just like the ones that show glimses into people's mundane lives - what they are having for tea, a photo of their sideboard, something they've made. So thats what this is I suppose. You're welcome to it, for what its worth.

This is not a picture of my sideboard - but this is a taste of whats to come. This is bascially a self portrait.

Ta Ta for now

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  1. Absolutely brilliant Sian, looking forward to reading more of your wacky thoughts... xx