Friday, 11 May 2012

Multi tasking a-go-go

 So we are going away for the weekend for the first time in an age for a family wedding tomorrow. I forgot how difficult it was packing for us all and thinking about wee wee accidents (that's just the husband), rain, snow, heatwave, food spillage etc. We are going to Thomas Land on Sunday!!! Every time the boy has whined "can we go there?" for the last two years we have replied with the fobbing off phrase every parent uses, "one day". Well, that day has come! Obviously the Midlands doesn't have food or drink so I'm having to pack plenty of provisions. Do you think this is maybe too much?
I've cooked two dinners too today one for today and one for our return on Sunday evening as I'm a stickler for the children to have a "proper dinner" everyday. I really do make life hard for myself.

But its not all been work work work today. I went into town as it was such a lovely day and was welcomed by this in the market
Sigh. At least it wasn't the obligatory Essex St. George flag and it does cover the scaffolding up that has been there for four years since the building company went bust. I do love the Queen ALOT and am really looking forward to the Jubilee. Not looking forward to the Olympics more on this another time.

Whilst out I was bowled over by the opening of a new shop called Tiger. I'd only read about it and couldn't believe such a thing could be real until I heard Sirens (ladies not the usual background noise of East London) silently beckoning me in and I walked over its welcoming threshold and said "Thank you Lord". If you like Ikea - Scandi design, Paperchase, Selfridges etc you will LOVE this shop.  Its like all those brands but if they were a £shop. Oh my, I wet myself in there. I bought a couple of cool retro toys, a lovely pie dish and some stickers for the girl's bed. I stopped myself from buying Russian dolls, heart shaped ramekins and a set of fake moustaches, but there's always next week.


My shepherd's pie in my new dish £4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go there. Spend a pound, or a penny like I did whoopsie.

In other news this week...Two years ago, husband and I bought a men's accessory business on the cheap from a family member. We managed to sell a fair bit through the website but sales were slow. I had an idea to change the ties into scarf/necklaces for women so experimented...

Apologies for my face in this photo. It was after Question Time and I was about to go to bed! I thought it was rather nice. HOWEVER. There seemed to be a consensus from the three people I'm the most closest to that it was a pile of plop. My Mum, husband and best friend (none of them hold those positions as of today) all agreed that it was not my best idea.  I like it - what do you think? Do you like my bunting? That, admittedly is better. Philistines. Anyone want to buy some ties?


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