Friday, 25 May 2012

May madness

There's been a lot on the telly about hoarding lately, have you noticed? I could so easily be a hoarder. I find it hard to throw things away, particularly if they are connected to family and the children. When my beloved grandad passed away, my brother and I had a wreath made with a small bottle of whisky on it - I still have the bottle and also several bags of his drawings and dried up oil paints  This is just an example of my sentimentality. It knows no bounds. I was mildly chastised the other week for buying three stalls from Ikea. Questions posed were:

Q. Why do we need stalls?
A. When the NCT kids come over for tea we have enough seats
Q. Why three?
A. Nature is not symmetrical you shouldn't have an even number
Q. But we really don't need more seating do we?
A. No. We don't. But they were £2 each so I had to.

Add this burgeoning habit to the fact that our bedroom is a magnet for everyone else's crap I decided to make a stand this week and have thoroughly knackered myself out in the process. When we lived in a two bed flat pre-children we shoved junk in the second bedroom. Before the girl was born, and before we had a playroom, junk was chucked in her room and the playroom. Now its in ours. I put the girl down for her nap and put all the stuff under my bed on it as well as the stuff on all surfaces and floor...

Oh dear

Why did I start it!

I chucked everything out of the wardrobe and reorganised it. I moved wardrobe to clean and couldn't take photo of what i found on the floor and wall. I was so simply ashamed of my sluttish slovenliness. I'm surprised the husband and I hadn't developed emphysemia is all I'm saying. Seriously. ASHAMED!
I generated this amount of washing as the linen under the bed was so dusty! Its taken me two days of back to back washing to clear it!

Do you like my dressing table? It was my Grandparents'. Well, my Mum and Aunty's when they were little actually. It was white but I painted it. This is where alot of the crap accumulates and also here...
But I'm making a stand. No more will my furniture be used for broken toys and sweet wrappers. No sir. Which is why today I was pleased to see this...
Its slowly creeping back in! But actually, that's the whole point of having children isn't it. They are such a life force, a pretty unstoppable life force at that. We love them with every millimetre of our souls so I suppose its OK that the little darlings invade every millimetre of our homes too.
I give it a week.

The Boy is off sick today, there's a pestilence going round the school which all his close friends have had. We almost left the house this morning and I kept saying he wasn't well enough. He was so determined to go though and kept saying "but I want to learn". I'm so chuffed he loves school so much, it is a great little school. So I'm hoping he gets over it today so we can go on an adventure to the Essex coastline tomorrow then home in time for the most excellent Eurovision extravaganza which I wait all year for! Nil Point!

Thanks for reading xxx the design? I've had a fiddle and a tinkle (and changed the design!)

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  1. Sian, I am such a hoarder! That woman on the last hoarding programme - so me! All those Travelcards and toys and things from her nan...

    The kids do take over the home thouh don't they?? Hope The Boy is better soon. x